New Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Photos Reveal More Of Claire Redfield

Resident Evil 2

Netflix is hoping to keep the hype train rolling this summer with the 25th-anniversary celebrations for Capcom’s acclaimed survival horror franchise.

Scheduled to land on the streaming service in less than a fortnight, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness follows in the big footsteps left behind by this year’s mainline eighth entry in the core video game series, Village. While both are set in the same universe, however, the former takes place several years before Ethan Winters’ encounter with Mother Miranda, preferring instead to lean heavily into fan service.

Starring iconic characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, the events of Infinite Darkness take place in 2006, after Leon’s encounter with the Los Illuminados but prior to Albert Wesker’s attempt to achieve complete global saturation with the Uroboros virus. Whether either of these scenarios will have any bearing on the original narrative featured in this tag-team adventure remains to be seen, of course, but one can likely expect the chronological setting to hold some sort of significance.

Whatever the case, Netflix has provided several new images taken from the animated show ahead of its release next month (above), with the emphasis this time being on Chris Redfield’s badass sister. While they give little away with regard to the story, it would seem as though Claire will at one point find herself incapacitated by the enemy and held for interrogation. The identity and aims of this mystery antagonist have yet to be ascertained and likely won’t be until Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness arrives on July 8th.

In the meantime, though, be sure to let us know the events and revelations you think will unfold in the series down below!