Grant Gustin Teases Reverse Flash’s Upcoming Debut On The Flash


So, does that mean that the shady Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) isn’t Reverse Flash? Perhaps. From the sound of it, Wells is helping Barry and his team take down RF. That could be clever misdirection, or it could mean that there are larger surprises in store after all. Kreisberg goes on to describe how the episode brings the whole team together, saying:

“Episode 9 is really cool because it’s everybody coming together to help. Cisco [Carlos Valdes] and Wells devise a trap to bait the Reverse Flash and they enlist the help of Tina McGee, played by Amanda Pays from the original Flash show. It becomes an interesting new combination of characters.

It’s fun when you finally see our team confronting the Reverse Flash and seeing everybody’s reactions, because he is the devil, in a way, to the show. When you finally see everybody confront him, it’s really scary. It’s certainly the scariest thing we’ve done on the show. Our tone note to Tom, Jesse and Grant was to pretend you were in the room with the alien from Alien. You should all be that scared.”

Tell us, who do you think Reverse Flash is? Are you excited to see him debut on the show? Give us your thoughts and predictions in the comments section below.

The Flash airs on the CW on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m.