Richard E. Grant Wants A Spinoff Series With Alligator Loki

Richard E Grant Loki featured

The notion of variants always opened itself up to just as much comedy as drama, with Richard E. Grant straddling both sides of the divide thanks to his scene-stealing performance in Disney Plus series Loki. The veteran actor may not have got the muscles built into his costume that he wanted, but if anything his slight build made him look all the more ridiculous in his garish getup.

Kid Loki turned out to be the most dangerous of the bunch having killed Thor in his Nexus event, while Alligator Loki was played entirely for laughs, but still managed to become a cult favorite despite doing little more than growling and eventually biting the hand off the presidential variant when the great Loki summit descended into an inevitable state of chaos.

Grant has admitted that he’d be more than game for a return as Classic Loki despite making the ultimate sacrifice play just as he revealed himself as perhaps the single most powerful iteration of the trickster in the multiverse, but he’s now offered up an even better idea in a new interview, pitching a spinoff series that sees the classic and reptilian versions of the Asgardian trickster teaming up.

“Alligator Loki was fantastic because in reality, he was three stuffed sofa cushions that had been sewn roughly together to react to. The fact that I was the only person that could understand what he was saying was just fantastic. I think it’s the perfect segue into having Classic Old Loki and Alligator Loki as a sub-series to go to next.”

An odd couple buddy show starring Richard E. Grant and a CGI alligator sounds absolutely insane, which is exactly why we’d love to see it happen. Imagine something along the lines of Chuck Norris’ Top Dog or Tom Hanks’ Turner & Hooch, except with gods of mischief and superpowers, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be on to a real winner. It might be a little too out there, but Loki has shown that anything is possible across the Sacred Timeline, so fingers crossed Kevin Feige takes note.