Ringer Episode 1-16 ‘P.S. You’re An Idiot’ Recap

In this episode of Ringer, you might need to take notes to keep up with all the double-crossing going down on the upper east side. Seriously, things are starting to look like a menacing version of an episode of Gossip Girl.

Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd), in an act of hopeless romanticism proposes to Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar), who he still thinks is Siobhan (also Gellar), with a candy ring. It is a super cute moment but sort of takes the level of weirdness up to a whole new level. Bridget is a better version of Siobhan than Siobhan is, and it’s one thing to pretend to be her, but to literally marry her husband – well words can’t express the appropriate of messed up this situation has evolved into.

Malcom (Mike Colter) is still working his own angle at Martin/Charles which leads him to find some incriminating evidence against Andrew. When he confronts Bridget about the wedding, he drops this bombshell without thinking twice. Is he really concerned about Andrew’s questionable practices or are his feelings for Bridget on autopilot at this point?

Meanwhile, Siobhan is back in Paris and finds some startling news of her own. Considering this is the women who has masterminded a plot to kill herself, frame her sister for who-knows-what, and take her oblivious husband for everything he has, it has to be something big to leave her speechless. Siobhan is having twins, and if that realization doesn’t cause its own amount of panic – she also finds out that they are now more than likely Andrew’s children. She genuinely looks pained at the idea of sharing this news with Henry (Kris Polaha).

Bridget pays Henry an unexpected visit, trying to get him to spill information on the secret mystery office. Malcolm found a receipt that proves he was behind emptying it out. Unfortunately, she leaves disappointed because now that Henry is in the know about Siobhan, he seems to have more impressive moves this round.

It turns out that Malcolm isn’t exactly on top of all the facts and is going on a hunch. Bridget is understandably upset considering that she has unequivocally fallen in love with Andrew. He decides this issue deserved further investigating anyway, and it may have landed him back in hot water. Olivia (Jaime Murray) is not a woman to be underestimated.

In a long distance call, Henry gloats about playing Bridget for a fool. Siobhan comes clean about the twins, but leaves the paternity news out. When she finds out about the renewing of vows, it brings up the memory of her own wedding night. And suddenly she has a change of heart about the original plan. New plan = screwing up the wedding. But if she is so desperately in love with Henry, why bother?

She’s not the only one keeping secrets. Catherine (Andrea Roth) is in even deeper than we knew. She has a secret relationship with Mr. Carpenter (Jason Dohring)! This is even more twister than we could have imagined. It looks like she set this scheme up from the beginning, way before Juliet got involved. The whole plan hinges on Juliet (Zoey Deutch) playing dumb about the whole thing, I wonder how long it will take before she cracks under the pressure.

Well, that didn’t take long. I think the “I’m going to tell Daddy” text said it all. What kind of damage control will Catherine think up this time? Or, will she take the money and run?

Malcolm still on the case, followed Olivia to an appointment that turned out to be something entirely different.

Weddings plans take a turn for the worse when Bridget decides to slow things down. This puts quite the kink in wedded bliss. Especially when Henry shows up with a box from Siobhan’s office. A file for 227 Pratt Street, a location Bridget checked out as a lead to who was trying to kill Siobhan in an early episode, might have a clue.

The backstabbing keeps coming when Catherine is involved. She double crosses Mr. Carpenter after she heads out of town with him and the money, leaving him in the dust. Well, literally leaving him in a towel with his jaw on the floor and a video that proves he committed fraud. For such a hot teacher, he isn’t exactly the brightest crayon in the box.

All roads have led this moment when the person that was really after Siobhan might be revealed. Bridget has proof that Siobhan was getting close to discovering the truth about Olivia’s shady business dealings, the photo that the hitman from episode two had was from a Christmas card that surely was sent to Olivia, and the relationship between the two women was strained at best. Did Siobhan fake her death to get away from Andrew or to throw Olivia off her scent?

As far as interesting developments, this episode has had more than its share. Bridget goes to Andrew with the information about Olivia and promises to stand by him while he cleans up the mess. For some reason, this doesn’t come as a shock to him – well the first part at least. The scheming at Martin/Charles wasn’t Olivia’s idea, it was his. Which is pretty much the biggest cliffhanger we’ve had this season.

Will we find out that Olivia isn’t the villain after all? Will Catherine get away with two out of three shares of the settlement? Judging from the trailer for next week’s episode, it looks like we may have misjudged Andrew.

What do you think?

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