Ringer Season 1-03 ‘If You Ever Want A French Lesson’ Recap

This week on Ringer, Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) turns her suspicions toward Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) as she focuses less on her old life and more on figuring out who would want her sister, Siobhan (also Gellar) dead. Meanwhile, Siobhan seems to have her own master plan beginning to unfold in Paris, which includes a very interesting new man.

Juliet (Zoey Deutch) is on her way to Miami for some much needed mother-daughter time, on Bridget’s suggestion. It seems that Bridget has some serious maternal instincts that might go a long way in this tough parenting situation. This leaves Bridget and Andrew with the house to themselves, and no one to take the attention away from Bridget’s minor mistakes.

Once again, Bridget turns to Malcolm (Mike Coulter) for reassurance, and puts him in a very sticky situation. Not long after they hang up, he’s snatched by a couple of goons that are assumedly looking for a way to track down Bridget. Things aren’t looking good for this loyal sponsor.

Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) has a change of heart and decides to take his frustrations with “Siobhan” out on Andrew’s company, pulling his and Gemma’s (Tara Summers) investment out of the hedge fund. This stirs up some issues between Andrew and his partner, Isabelle, who is eager to extend their business into Gemma’s father’s pockets against Andrew’s sage advice.

Siobhan is living the life of grandeur in a Parisian hotel, and drinking it all in. Obviously, she didn’t get the news that she is pregnant yet. In a calculated move, Siobhan sweet talks a financial advisor that works for her husband’s company unbeknownst to him of the connection. They pick up their chat another night in her room. Unfortunately, her extramarital foray is cut short when morning sickness hits – I guess all is fair when you fake your own death and your twin is shacking up with your husband pretending to be you.

Andrew surprises Bridget with a couture gown of her choosing for a night out at the ballet, but when new clues become available, their night of happiness is put on hold. Bridget’s investigation leads her to a divorce attorney, but not before running into someone that knows her sister and blows her cover with Andrew. In retaliation for the lack of trust, Andrew cancels their plans.

After her second run-in with an associate of the hit man sent to kill Siobhan, Bridget calls upon Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) for leverage. Bridget definitely has a knack for using her brains, having an FBI agent convinced your someone else close by can’t hurt in a tough situation – hopefully, she can keep up the act long enough for it to work to her advantage.

Bridget tries to make ammends with Andrew and bring things back to good by showing up at his office with an explanation. She doesn’t spill all her secrets, but she is convincing enough with her apology to garner some hope at redemption.  The “couple” seems to be back on the road to happily ever after. Poor Andrew, he may really be the innocent victim in all this.

The episode closes with Siobhan realizing that she is pregnant and reaching out to Henry. She may have not said anything, but her action speaks volumes; Henry might not be the only one invested in that relationship.

It will be exciting to see how long Siobhan plans to keep up with the disappearance act now that she knows she’s expecting a bundle of joy, and when we will find out who Sean (her son?) is and what happened to him?

Time is ticking, and Bridget isn’t going to able to keep up this lie for long.

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