Ringer Season 1-16 ‘You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail’ Recap

On the last episode of Ringer, we discovered enough startling information to make our heads spin, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what there could be left to reveal.

A pregnant Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is back in Paris and still has it out for Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd). She engages in a rendezvous will Tyler Barrett (Justin Bruening,) who is still convinced he’s about to be a daddy, and he brings a present. No, not the flowers – documents from Martin/Charles. Tyler still has that good guy bravado we love about him, but it leaves him totally clueless. That leaves Siobhan in a sticky situation when she wakes up to an empty bed and a missing flash drive.

Andrew admitted to being the mastermind behind the naughty behavior at his firm to Bridget (also Gellar). Olivia (Jaime Murray) is still a bad guy, but unfortunately Andrew’s hands are equally stained. He comes clean with Bridget, but something he says strikes a chord with her and she checks out of the conversation.

Bridget and Malcolm (Mike Colter) have a heart to heart over the situation. Where Malcolm makes some good points, his feelings for Bridget may be keeping him from giving sage advice in some departments. The past is becoming a more pressing issue when it starts to look as dangerous as what Bridget has fallen into.

Of course, Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) is still on the case, but maybe not for long. The agency has brought in a replacement and a cocky one at that. A flashback reveals a tacky looking Bridget encountering Machado at a strip club. He brushes her off, then moves on to another lady – it doesn’t take long for us to find out that she’s the one he sent in to bring down the boss. Things didn’t work out so well for her. No wonder Machado can’t let the case go.

Malcolm is convinced that Andrew is a threat to Bridget. He heads to Henry (Kris Polaha) of all people to plead his case. Henry, not only knows what’s going on at Martin/Charles, but knows that Siobhan is alive and Bridget has been pretending to be her for all these months.

A heated discussion at the office between Andrew and Olivia puts some things in protection. The exit strategy Andrew tried to sell Bridget about how they would get out of this is non-existent. Bridget stops by just in time to hear the end of the conversation and it doesn’t come off well. They just found out that Tyler is the mole and are taking action to shut him up.

Bridget still confides in Malcolm about her feelings. She decides to get out of dodge and packs up a few things. Before she can make a clean break from the apartment, Andrew comes home. He pleads with her to stay, but it comes across as super creepy.

Another flashback gets us closer to Machado’s truth. He fell in love with his informant; the same one that ended up dead and put Bridget on the run. It is also the informant who is pregnant – most likely with a little Machado.

Being Malcolm Ward is not a thing at this moment. He’s on the Martin/Charles hit list after they discovered he was on to them. And now, a phone call from Siobhan herself has been received, and it’s a very convincing one at that. Henry playing double agent is getting confusing. Who will get to Malcolm first?

Bridget heads to SOHO to intersect Tyler before Olivia can get to him. Too bad someone is there to stop her. Henry uses the most impulsive diversion tactic he can muster – making out in the lobby. He manages to distract her for long enough for Olivia to scoop Tyler up.

Now things are severely screwed up. Olivia thinks she has all of Tyler’s evidence, but he held back to flash drive. Andrew thinks Bridget is in bed, figuratively, with Tyler. Siobhan is waiting for Tyler to run back to her in Paris. I hope she isn’t holding her breath.

Someone decides to take things into their own hands and take Tyler out of the equation. The suspects? Henry – Siobhan told him to get the flash drive back at any cost. Andrew – we saw him walk into the hotel and he is at risk of losing his company if the info on the drive gets out.

More surprises! Malcolm calls Agent Machado but not to rat out Bridget. He wants to press charges for his own kidnapping. Before he can do so, he has to deal with Andrew – and by the look of his face this isn’t a social call.

Perhaps we’ve misjudged Andrew this whole season. Maybe Siobhan isn’t the lone witch. What do you think?

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