Ringer Season 1-18 ‘That Woman’s Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life’ Recap

Ringer picks up right where it left off, not skipping a beat. Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) has been shot. Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is holding onto him as if his life depends on it, and it just very well might. Solomon (Sean Patrick Thomas) has been hit over the head and makes it downstairs in time for Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) to rush onto the scene.

Agent Machado is quick to spring to action and soon discovers that the mystery shooter hasn’t gone too far. He chases him down the fire escape only to have his efforts interrupted by a crowd of partygoers exiting through the back door. The shooter manages to evade Machado, but not before he loses his card.

A frantic Juliet (Zoey Deutch) arrives at the hospital and is immediately embraced by Bridget. After she calms down and hears the story, she calls Henry (Kris Polaha) to pick up a few things from the penthouse and deliver them to the hospital. I guess this makes sense, he did used to be close with the family and she may have been too consumed lately to notice the change in mood. Siobhan (also Gellar) is there and as always her emotions are hard to read.

Back at FBI headquarters, Machado is a little beaten up from the chase but nothing that a few stitches won’t cure. Unfortunately, he isn’t any closer to figuring out why there is a sudden death toll at Martin/Charles.

Meanwhile, Henry shows up at the hospital to a tearful Bridget. His real show of emotion is touching and for once seems genuine, especially since he knows who he’s really talking to. And more so when he goes home to confront Siobhan about the hit. He is more than convinced that Siobhan is responsible for the attempt on Bridget’s life. The downside is that her loving Henry is one of the only things I actually believe that she’s said so far.

Andrew is in the clear after a successful surgery and wakes up to a smiling wife. And a wife that wants answers. Andrew was involved in Malcolm’s (Mike Colter) disappearance, but not how you might think. At Olivia’s (Jaime Murray) request, he bribed him to leave town and keep quiet about whatever inside info he might have knowledge of. In exchange, Bridget comes clean about the hit man that tried to kill her that she ended up shooting. The secrets are coming out now, it’s only a matter of time before the big one drops.

When they try to put two and two together, Andrew and Bridget both find Olivia guilty. Will her leaving town in a hurry make her look any less so? Probably not.

They send Solomon to look for any clue as to her whereabouts. I must admit she had a pretty sweet apartment. He is able to find what looks like a flight confirmation number when he pencil shades a note pad. This doesn’t leave Agent Machado much to go on when he shows up a few minutes later, but he does get a lucky break. The card that was in the shooter’s pocket has an origin.

A parental meeting at the hospital turns bad when Andrew wants to send Juliet to Miami for her safety. The idea of going anywhere with mother doesn’t sound appealing to anyone.

Siobhan has once again shown her true self. She calls Henry and tells him that she’s going to the hospital to come clean with Andrew. Or, basically that she’s going to ruin Bridget’s life.

Juliet pulls a bait and switch. She convinces her mom to stop by the school so she can say her goodbyes and then makes a run for it. I guess all the wool in her suitcase weren’t part of her Miami wardrobe. Much more appropriate for the Hampton’s where Bridget finds her.

In a twist of events we find out that Henry is responsible for Tyler Barrett’s (Justin Bruening) death. It was an accident but somehow it doesn’t look like this will go well. The flash drive was the goal and he handed it over to his father-in-law as a gesture of family. Even though he was a pretty awful husband and his wife is now dead, he is sorta turning into an oddly decent guy – if you don’t count the accidental murder part.

Things are looking grim for Malcolm. The discovery of a shallow grave where his wallet and such are found follow Bodaway Macawi’s (Zahn McClarnon) pattern. Lucky for him, it wasn’t Malcolm but one of Macawi’s people. Possibly the guy who took aim at Bridget.

If it wasn’t Malcolm in the grave, where is he? Will Bridget reveal Juliet’s secret to Andrew? Season 1 is coming to a close and there’s still so many questions to be answered!