Ringer Season 1-19 ‘Let’s Kill Bridget’ Recap

From the first minute of this episode, it looks like things are going to be quite interesting this week on Ringer. Henry (Kris Polaha) is in interrogation, presumably for the murder of Tyler Barrett;  Catherine (Andrea Roth) trying desperately to make out with Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd); and, Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) or Siobhan (also Gellar) is dead at the loft – shot by a sniper positioned on a roof across the street. Now how did we get here?

Back at the beginning, Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) is questioning Bridget and Andrew about the tarot card he found in the would-be assassin’s back pocket. Since it has ties to organized crime, everyone immediately jumps to the Bridget connection. With the death of one of Bodaway’s men still under investigation and Malcolm (Mike Colter) still missing, all parties are understandably on edge.

Meanwhile, Henry and Siobhan are still missing the flash drive – the only piece of evidence that ties Andrew to the ponzi scheme. Henry is convinced that the only way for them to build a life together is for her to give up on the revenge plot and let everything work itself out legally when the whistle is blown on Martin/Charles.

Bridget still is working her own investigation with the help of Solomon (Sean Patrick Thomas). On today’s agenda we have a call to the detective that convinced her to run in the first place. I guess no one told her that he confessed to two murders and is now in prison, the life you get for being on the mob’s payroll – ooh la la. In a moment of strength, Bridget decides to do the right thing and testify.

Agent Machado seems to be at the end of a rapidly fraying rope. He has staked out the dry cleaners that has been distributing the tarot cards and when the opportunity for answers arises, he loses his cool. The whole scene is captured by nosy passerbys and with this evidence against him, things are looking down for our favorite white knight.

After the fiasco of running away, Juliet (Zoey Deutch) appeases her father by making an in person apology to her mother, but she has her own plan now. It looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Juliet concocts a scheme to have her mother buy a piece of property that her father currently owns. Is it even really for sale?

The man isn’t happy with Machado and he is put on suspension. This couldn’t be worse timing with Bridget ready to confide in Machado herself. They meet later at a bar and Bridget proposes testifying as herself, but as Siobhan pretending to be her. It is really as confusing as it sounds. When Machado’s concern overrides his desire for revenge, Bridget puts the pieces together on how involved Machado really is to the death of his informant. The conversation ends with a suggestion that puts us on the edge of our seats, “let’s kill Bridget.”

After the commercial break we find out that he meant fake kill Bridget. Machado believes that if they can leak a video of “fake” dead Bridget, Siobhan and her family will be safe.

Catherine makes a play for the house after meeting with a prospective buyer who I’m sure was willing to pay more than the asking price. Juliet is one smart cookie. She knew exactly what strings to pull with Mommy Dearest. Let’s hope Catherine doesn’t walk away from this a winner.

O-M-Geeze! The cat is finally out of the bag. Siobhan reveals herself to Bridget in a moment that can only be described as “wow!” And, it’s just a day dream Siobhan has while spying on her sister. I think the term “not fair” fits nicely here.

Which is exactly what Catherine is probably thinking along with a whole lot of four letter words when she finds out that she was just a pawn. Juliet came clean to Andrew about the scheme after Bridget found her at the beach house. She didn’t go to Catherine to apologize, she went to play her part of the plan. Bravo, Juliet, bravo!

As scheduled, the police show up to take Henry in for questioning about the murder of Tyler.

Bridget and Machado set up for the fake death scene when he gets a tip that gives them the heads up they need. Apparently the assassin they suspected was killed days before someone took a shot at Bridget. This is just in time for the real killer to take another try at eliminating Bridget. In a twist of events that we should have seen coming, we find out that the killer is none other than the one that tried his hand at killing Siobhan six months ago – before anyone knew it was really Bridget.

And not unsurprising, Catherine is behind the hit on Siobhan. She must have been pleased as peaches when Andrew took a bullet.

How long will it take everyone else to figure out who ordered the hit? The suspense is already killing me!

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