Ringer Season 1-20 ‘If You’re Just An Evil Bitch Then Get Over It’ Recap

On this episode of Ringer things are picking up right where they left off, and they are certainly heated after the hit man tried to take out Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) again – only now we know who they were after and why.

Before Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) can make it to the police station to collect a shaken up Bridget, a disturbance at the penthouse holds him up. A desperate Catherine (Andrea Roth) slits her wrists in Juliet’s (Zoey Deutch) bedroom. Her attempt at gaining Juliet’s forgiveness doesn’t seem to be going how she planned.

At police headquarters Henry (Kris Polaha) is in deep water when the maid for the hotel who let him into Tyler Barrett’s room comes forward. An unhappy Henry is booked for the murder. This might put a kink in Siobhan’s plan for a happily ever after.

She isn’t giving up that easily though. After Child Protective Services come and take the boys away and a crushed Henry heads out to find answers, Siobhan does some damage control of her own. She bribes the maid to stay quiet. Only the maid is a good samaritan and goes straight to the cops.

Siobhan has actually managed to make things worse. Now, the cops have their eye on “Bridget” who they think is responsible for the bribe. They are also well aware of the affair with Henry which makes things look not so good for anyone involved. Bridget is still banking on Agent Machado to get her out of trouble, let’s hope he can come through.

Back at the hospital Juliet confronts Catherine about the suicide attempt. Catherine is almost believable in her confession, but Juliet doesn’t completely buy it. And why should she?

Machado is one step closer to finding out who wants Siobhan dead. He doesn’t want to wait around for the police to do their job and breaks into the hit man’s house to looks for clues. What he finds is a dead man in the freezer, which is almost as much of a shock as Bridget is about to have. Or was about to have before Siobhan panicked and hid.

Henry arrived home right on time to find a very pregnant  Siobhan ready to pounce on Bridget, or more literally, hit her over the head. Bridget is clued in enough to know that Henry is hiding some secrets of his own.

Catherine overhears the conversation where Machado tells Bridget that he has a photo that may have been touched by the person who ordered the hit. If she’s going down, she’s taking “Siobhan” out before that happens. She drugs Bridget who slowly starts to put everything together. Will Machado make it in time to save the day?

With only two episodes left, there are still so many questions left to be answered? Which ones do you have? Let us know in the comment section below.