Riverdale Comic Creator Lets You Join The Gang, New Clip Debuts


This week, Riverdale becomes the latest in a long line of highly praised series developed by The CW to adapt a comic to the big screen. In an interesting twist, the show’s latest marketing endeavor allows you the fan to find yourself in a comic book.

While the devoted wait for the prequel comics set arrive this April, they’re free to take part in the story thanks to Riverdale Comic Creator. For the best interactive experience, you’ll have to sign in with your Facebook profile in order to engage in a Mad Libs-type adventure. Your name, events you’ve attended, movies and bands you’ve liked as well as places you’ve visited will be among the details included in your unique tale. Should you choose not to go that route, you can still read the digital comic, but it may not be as fun.

In addition to that, the network has released a full clip ahead of the series premiere that features the legendary moment when one of comics’ most notorious love triangles first meet. After Camila Mendes’ Veronica Lodge becomes the latest to take part in Hollywood’s proud tradition of females in teenage dramas walking in slow motion set to music, she engages in a bit of small talk with Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper. The connection between Archie and Veronica becomes instantly apparent, much to Betty’s chagrin, and we have a pretty good guess as to where this is going.

Be sure to catch the series premiere of Riverdale this Thursday night on The CW.