Riverdale’s K.J. Apa Seems To Be Game For A Sharknado Crossover


It’s already been established that spinoffs are a very real possibility when it comes to Riverdale, but crossovers? Normally such red tape can be averted only in the comic book medium, which Archie Comics are certainly no stranger to having published unexpected, yet critically acclaimed, mashups such as Archie vs. Sharknado and Archie vs. Predator. Before you do some fact checking of your own, we assure you that, yes, they most certainly do exist.

While recently speaking with CBR, K.J. Apa, Archie Andrews himself, was asked if he would be down for an inter-genre crossover such as the two just mentioned and had this to say:

“Oh, that’d be sick, eh? I don’t know how that would work though! I’ve actually thought about that myself, like, how would that work? Like, get me in the ‘Avengers’ movie or something!”

Although we’re not sure if it could legally happen, it would definitely benefit the Sharknado film franchise, which some feel has already overstayed its welcome. Considering that this already happened in the comics though and those movies are loaded with celebrity cameos as is, this may be a “never say never” type scenario.

Aside from that, Apa compared the tone of the upcoming series to that of the current run of comics, which seems pretty accurate:

“I think our show is most similar to the recent adaptation by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples. It’s still similar in terms of characters and the classic, iconic love triangle between Archie, Veronica and Betty, but it’s more similar to the most recent adaptation than to the ones that were like 50 years ago.”

Riverdale premieres on Thursday, January 26 on The CW.

Source: CBR