Robert Pattinson Rumored For HBO Max’s The Batman Prequel Series

The Batman

WarnerMedia are intent to lean on their DC properties as hard as possible when it comes to building a strong lineup of original content for HBO Max, and not all of it has to be connected to the timeline of the feature films in the same way as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s expansion onto Disney Plus.

There’s no word yet on how J.J. Abrams’ Justice League Dark fits into canon if it even does at all, while John Cena’s Peacemaker will be tied directly into the events of The Suicide Squad. The Batman, meanwhile, still hasn’t finished shooting after enduring a tortured production since cameras first started rolling almost thirteen months ago, while the spinoff focusing on the Gotham City Police Department has already undergone a creative reshuffle.

Boardwalk Empire‘s Terence Winter was initially announced as executive producer and showrunner, but he’s since dropped out and been replaced by Joe Barton. All we know about the project so far is that it’s a prequel to Matt Reeves’ big screen reboot, and with The Batman following Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne during his second year as a nocturnal vigilante, the Caped Crusader himself isn’t likely to be a huge factor in the story.

However, a new report is claiming that Pattinson will still be involved in some capacity, although there’s not much in the way of further details. Of course, it makes perfect sense for Bruce Wayne to drop by for the odd cameo given his status as Gotham City’s most famous resident, but it’s unlikely that his costumed alter ego will make an appearance. We’ve already seen a procedural set in the Batman mythos without the title hero before, but Reeves and Barton’s HBO Max series promises to be an altogether more gritty and mature affair than Gotham.