Rotten Tomatoes Accused Of Deleting Doctor Who Audience Reviews


In the thick of viewing numbers hitting their lowest point in more than 30 years and an audience score of 13% on Rotten Tomatoes, Doctor Who is going through a difficult time right now and some people are claiming that the website is deleting fan reviews again.

Jodie Whittaker’s second run as the Doctor is currently facing backlash and continues to plummet with each episode. But what’s more surprising is season 12’s audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, currently sitting at 13% and setting the record for the show’s worst outing since it came back in 2005. Though it would appear that the score could be much lower, as some fans claim that their reviews have been deleted or not even posted.

Here are some of the things that folks have recently said in regards to their reviews:

“My rating keeps getting deleted, what the hell!? I’m a long time fan and Doctor who is my favorite show. I feel like this season doesn’t hit the mark. The writing is lackluster and they are ignoring continuity to repeat what has come before.”

“Well, I’m disappointed that my original rating was removed for no justifiable reason.”

“Very disappointing, it seems they learned nothing from reviews of season 11. I’m reposting this review, my first was removed.”

By introducing a new twist to the show’s lore, Chris Chibnall’s second season managed to ignite fan debate once again, but it would seem that the audience fatigue is quickly gaining speed, as observed by the show’s underwhelming overnight figures.

While some think the negative backlash is because of the series becoming too “woke” to bear, fans are also generally unhappy with some of the showrunner’s controversial decisions that affect the continuity of Doctor Who.

As for the audience score, people had previously noticed a similar pattern on Rotten Tomatoes with blockbusters such as Disney’s Captain Marvel and Star Wars, so we’ll only have to wait and see if Fandango gives any explanations for this unusual behavior on their website.