Ruby Rose Joins The Cast Of Orange Is The New Black For Season 3



Netflix’s pioneering binge-watching show, Orange Is The New Black, has had its fair share of squabbles, fights, and back-stabbing. It’s safe to say the majority of the cattiness stems from the inmates’ desire for comfort and safety, while a small portion is a result of romantic entanglements. Well, it looks like the residents of Litchfield will be in for a large helping of the latter in the form of this season’s newest addition to the cast: Ruby Rose.

The Australian model, DJ and television presenter dropped the bomb herself. In a link on her Facebook page to a small profile featured in Elle Magazine, Rose sent Orange fans into a complete tizzy:

The magazine went on to reveal a little about Rose’s role in the show. In particular, which long-term Litchfielders will have her in their sights:

“Ruby Rose, 28, oozes raw sex appeal even in an orange jumpsuit, as the newest inmate — and lust object of both Piper and Alex — at Litchfield Penitentiary on this summer’s third season of Orange Is the New Black.”

According to Buzzfeed, Netflix would not corroborate the fact that Rose’s character would be an object of desire for Piper or Alex. However, they did embellish further specifics surrounding the role, stating that Rose “will portray Stella Carlin, an inmate at Litchfield Federal Correctional Institution whose sarcastic sense of humor and captivating looks quickly draw the attention of some of Litchfield’s inmates.”

The complete third season of the women’s prison dramedy is expected to arrive on Netflix this summer. Since the show’s debut two years ago, its yearly arrival has transformed into a full-blown public event. The debut of season two on Netflix last year saw insane marathons carried out across the country, as dedicated fans holed up to watch the entire 13 episodes in one stint. We’ll see if this year’s season will evoke the same reactions when Orange Is The New Black drops a new run of episodes in June.

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