Rumor: Star Wars Live-Action Series In Development


Before Star Wars: The Force Awakens had bagged an official greenlight, and way before Lucasfilm was purchased by Disney, rumors stirred of a live-action series set in a galaxy far, far away. George Lucas, the creative mastermind behind the entire franchise, is reported to have penned scripts for a small screen show, which were all included in Disney’s buyout of Lucasfilm. So, it stands to reason that with all things Star Wars governing the fanboy radar right now, the studio are contemplating shooting the new TV series between the new movies.

Badass Digest, whose reputation for sniffing out truth truffles is pretty solid, reports that a rumor from Cinelinx concerning the show may hold water as development on a series is currently ongoing. If that’s the case, Disney brass are waiting to make a move until the dates for ALL future Star Wars movies are officially established. This is so the show – which is expected to take place in the same universe as the forthcoming glut of sequels and spinoffs – can make use of the movies’ extensive set builds, locations and props at Pinewood Studios.

Before any series can be given the official go-ahead, a rigorous budget must be in place which can only be determined, as mentioned, once the Star Wars movie calendar is 100% locked down. Should those issues become ironed out, early talk suggests that Disney are hoping to construct a small screen universe similar to Marvel’s TV creation Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. While the notion of a intricately-woven cinematic universe is an exciting one, we’ll wait for studio confirmation before delving deeper into this Star Wars tidbit.