Kingdom Hearts TV Show May Feature Pirates Of The Caribbean World

Kingdom Hearts 3

Further details for Disney’s upcoming Kingdom Hearts TV series have surfaced today.

In case you missed the original story, WGTC learned earlier this week that the House of Mickey Mouse is reportedly looking to adapt Square Enix’s whimsical video game series for the small screen as yet another addition to the list of must-watch shows available on Disney Plus. The streaming service has already attracted millions of subscribers thanks to the smashing success of The Mandalorian, with lots more originals on the way.

Can Kingdom Hearts prove to be as much – if not more – of a draw as Marvel and Star Wars? Who knows, but assuming the project comes to fruition, it certainly won’t be lacking a massive pre-existing fanbase or, for that matter, brand recognition. For those unaware, the games, a collaborative effort between Disney and Square Enix, follow the adventures of hero Sora and his quest to vanquish the malevolent Master Xehanort. Joined by an extensive cast of icons from Pixar’s Toy Story to Donald Duck and even Mickey himself, players are able to visit various worlds from Disney franchises and explore them to their heart’s content.

And this is where the latest developments come in.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us that a live-action remake of Robin Hood was in the works, and a Percy Jackson show is coming to D+ – both of which have since proven to be correct – say that Pirates of the Caribbean is one of several worlds currently being considered to appear in the TV adaptation. As if that wasn’t cause enough to generate excitement on its own, there’s even the possibility of Johnny Depp reprising his role as Captain Jack Sparrow for a quick cameo.

As is always the case for productions still in their infancy, all of the above remains very much subject to change as plans can easily shift, but it certainly raises an interesting question. Tell us, what iconic locations created by Disney would you love to see Sora visit in a live-action version of Kingdom Hearts? Sound off in the comments below!