Rumors About A New Star Trek Series For Netflix Are Unfounded, But Intriguing


By now you may have heard the rumor circulating about a new Star Trek television series that Netflix was reportedly in talks to host. Unfortunately, those rumors have since been largely debunked as nothing but wishful thinking. It’s the sort of story that whet fans’ appetites but has no basis in real-world discussions. But in the wake of these rumors, a new hope rises that perhaps the seed has been planted in the brains of those that rule CBS and Netflix, and that the rumors might someday become reality.

The whole thing appears to have begun from an anonymous source that was then picked up by website Starfleet Intelligence (via GeekNation). The rumor stated that writer and producer Larry Nemecek had discussed the proposed series at the Phoenix ComicCon. The idea, as it goes, was that Netflix would produce a series for their streaming service, with CBS receiving royalties whenever an individual episode was streamed. Not long after the initial report surfaced, Nemecek took to his own website to debunk the rumors, stating simply that they were unfounded. At the same time, however, he did point out that Netflix had been casting about for new shows and that Star Trek, being one of the most popular streaming shows on Netflix, was one of them.

So far there are no plans or even beginnings of plans to launch a new Star Trek series on Netflix, but there is just that tiny seed of possibility, especially with these rumors gaining such traction. There’s nothing to say that Netflix will not jump on the Star Trek idea some day; in fact, it would make very good sense, given the streaming service’s continued success with their original shows. But it’s not happening now, so Trekkies will just have to live with the original shows, movies, fan fiction, novels, and conventions for their fan fix. I know it’s tough, guys, but I’m sure you’ll survive.

Source: Geek Nation