‘The Sandman’ creator Neil Gaiman skewers Elon Musk over ‘The Rings of Power’ jab

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Image via Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is out now. It has received praise from many, criticism from some, and author Neil Gaiman is not having any of the latter from Elon Musk and took to the rich man’s favorite social media to say so.

Gaiman posted the above earlier today on his personal Twitter account in response to a post from Musk which claims almost every male character on the show — which has only aired two episodes so far — is a coward, jerk or both. Musk does offer praise for the characterization of Galadriel as being brave, smart and nice, but, Gaiman is having none of it and made light of Musk’s recent fail.

Response to Gaiman’s critique has been mainly agreeable. Several below his post say he makes an effective retort, others are posting images of characters from various shows and franchises saying the word “burn,” and, for one user, they say Musk doesn’t really care about the show, and, what he is doing is simply a means to remain a part of the cultural conversation.

For another, the way the world consumes entertainment today is a bit confusing. Any kind of media is treated to subjective tastes, and, if you do not enjoy something, it is best to just move on.

Musk has not responded to Gaiman yet. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has a production commitment for five seasons and is the most expensive television show ever made. Just the rights to adapt the work of Tolkien cost Amazon over $200 million.