Sanity Slips Away In These New Photos From The Mist


It’s always seemed odd, the way that very few excellent adaptations of the literary work of Stephen King have been created. Despite the fact that the author is a prolific writer of some deeply profound, horrifying tales, capturing that essence onscreen has thus far been an astonishing rarity. One such example is The Mist, which – despite being published a number of times – has only produced one extremely disappointing film adaptation in 2007. This could be about to change, however, with the imminent arrival of a television series from Spike that uses the basis of The Mist as a premise for an ongoing story.

The 2007 movie – directed by Frank Darabont, and starring Thomas Jane – is infamous for the fact that it changed what’s a fundamentally hopeful ending and created a tale that ended with futility. The Spike television adaptation takes an altogether different approach, however – albeit one that makes changes to the original story. In order to transform the claustrophobic narrative of The Mist novella into an ongoing narrative with unlimited potential, series creator Christian Torpe (Rita) has reinvented the cast of characters and expanded the scope of the tale.

With the show’s June 22nd premiere quickly approaching, the network has begun to ramp up the promotion and after a chilling new trailer debuted the other week, we’ve now got a pretty large batch of hi-res images for you to browse through in the gallery above.

Though Spike is careful to not reveal too much here, the photos they’ve released provide a pretty good look at the main cast and also give us an idea of the unnerving and creepy atmosphere that The Mist will no doubt bring with it. Combined with the footage we’ve already seen from the show, it all paints a pretty promising picture for the adaptation and we’re excited to see how it holds up against the film, and the novella, once it touches down next month.

Tell us, what are your thoughts on The Mist so far? Looking forward to another chilling Stephen King tale being brought to life? Let us know in the usual place.