First Look At New ‘Scarface’ Clone From Season Three Of Orphan Black



BBC America has dropped a new image from its sci-fi clone hit, Orphan Black, and alas it’s not of Tatiana Maslany in a new guise. As season two closed, the girls – well, series lead, Sarah – discovered that their clutch of genetic identicals weren’t the only ones in existence. Nope, as well as the female clones crafted by the LEDA group, a gaggle of male clones were created under the name ‘Project Castor’ – and now we’ve got a better look at a frightening newbie.

Dubbed Scarface by the show’s cast and crew, Rudy was the second male clone to make an appearance in the show. At the end of the season 2 finale, Sarah was led to a row of cells containing identical males, including the chappie in the above photo. The upcoming season will find the ‘sisters’ fighting against this new crew of self-aware clones, who were raised and trained by the military in order to become adept at combat. According to Variety, show creator John Fawcett described him as “a threat to the sisters, to the girls… a dangerous character who is very, very smart and very ruthless.”

Out of this new line of clones, we’ve already seen one soldier go astray – the Prolethian infiltrator, Mark. Sadly, like all naughty infiltration units (ahem, T-800), he fell victim to Stockholm Syndrome and wound up escaping the clan with Gracie at the end of the season. If his soldier brethren are as equipped as we expect, it’s likely their blissful union won’t last long.

For the most part, the third season will explore the imminent clone war between the two gendered factions. Who will win? My best theory is on the original Clone Club. The boys might have military training, but none of ’em have got the batshit brilliance of frizzy-haired sister, Helena.

Tell us, who do you think will reign in the next season of Orphan Black?

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