The Scarlet Speedster Faces Flashpoint In New Poster For The Flash Season 3

Season three of The Flash looks set to be the most monumental yet, as The Fastest Man Alive faces the ramifications of his decision to travel back in time and save his mother from being murdered by the Reverse-Flash. By doing so, Barry Allen created an entirely new timeline which he now calls home but may very well have to change back to save reality.

Loosely based on a comic book story of the same name, this Flashpoint will see Barry losing his memory and powers as the new timeline wipes them away. In the newly created reality, his relationships with every key character from the first two seasons are totally different, Wally West is Kid-Flash, and the villainous Reverse-Flash is Barry’s prisoner.


This new status quo is only expected to last a few episodes before The Flash likely realizes he has to set things right, but the consequences of his decision will still likely have some lasting effects.

Time will tell when it comes to what those end up being, but a new poster has been released today which shows The Flash speeding into action. The red colour scheme is very cool, while the imagery used here seemingly pays homage to a gorgeous piece of cover art by legendary comic book artist Alex Ross.

Should this poster be taken as a sign that the hero is getting a recoloured costume in season three? Set photos and trailers haven’t pointed to that being the case, but it’s certainly possible that The Flash will change his look upon returning to the original timeline. For now, we’re just going to have to wait and see.