Scream: Resurrection Cuts Deep With New Trailer And Clip


For fans of the popular slasher franchise, being blindsided by so much Scream: Resurrection footage in the past few weeks has probably come as a welcome surprise. Yes, it’s a re-reboot in essence because season 3 completely abandons the storyline established by the MTV series, but it’s shaping up pretty well from where I’m sitting.

To briefly reiterate, we learned that the show is moving over to VH1 upon the release of the first trailer revealing an all-new cast, with a feel somewhat similar to the 1996 original. Then, to solidify that point, we were treated to a clip showing Paris Jackson’s character placed in a situation eerily similar to that of Drew Barrymore’s soon after.

Now, we’ve been gifted with a second trailer, which can be viewed at the top of this article. As you can see, we’re in for a whole new ballgame, yet we’re once again reminded of how this latest production has the spirit of Wes Craven looming over it. Though it may be too early to call, I think season 3 may have found a satisfying middle-ground joining the film franchise and what was seen more recently on the small screen. Plus, we have Roger Jackson returning as the voice of the iconic Ghostface, so there’s that.

Next up, we have yet another clip to present, this time showing the mysterious murderer calling Keke Palmer’s character  and – get this – she’s watching Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Fear not, the universe won’t collapse. This is just another example of Scream acknowledging that other horror movies exist within its world.

Interestingly enough – and I’m not sure many people will think about it at first – but the name “Ghostface” is actually used on screen. For the most part, that moniker has been reserved for marketing and discussion, as something such as “the killer” was often spoken in the movies.

Scream: Resurrection kicks off on Monday, July 8th and ends on Wednesday, July 10th on VH1. All six episodes will air, two at a time, with a 9pm Eastern starting time on each evening.