New Scream Trailer Has A Glimpse Of Not-Ghostface Killer


Later this month, MTV will debut its continuation of the hit horror-comedy franchise Scream, enlisting a cast of teen stars to tell the next chapter. Inexplicably, that next chapter won’t include Ghostface, and the mask looks like a Fifty Shades of Grey set prop, but I’m holding out hope for the series, if just because MTV has delivered some surprisingly solid programming over the years, from Teen Wolf to Awkward.

The latest trailer for the show doesn’t give away much, but there are some fleeting glimpses of the new masked killer in action, stalking one teen named Nina (Bella Thorne, seemingly in the unenviable Drew Barrymore role this time around) and getting the others into a tizzy as they consider what horror movies have taught them about the path this psycho’s rampage will likely take. The setting is Lakewood High School, in a well-to-do area unaccustomed to violent crime.

In addition to Thorne, the cast includes Willa Fitzgerald as Emma; Bex Taylor-Klaus as Audrey; Carlson Young as Brooke; Amadeus Serafini as Kieran; John Karna as Noah; Connor Weil as Will; Tracy Middendorf as Maggie; and Jason Wiles as Sheriff Hudson.

It’s always tricky to adapt a horror property for the small screen, but it’s understandable why studios keep trying to do so – because when they get it right, they get it really right. Case in point – NBC’s Hannibal, which just started its third season and is as delectably twisted and aesthetically gorgeous as ever, while MTV’s own Teen Wolf is a not-so-guilty pleasure. But for every success, there’s a failure – right, Rosemary’s Baby? It remains to be seen which category Scream will fall into.

Scream premieres June 30.