Is Sean Bean Returning As Ned Stark In Game Of Thrones Season 6?


Going into season six of Game of Thrones is going to be a very different experience to the last five years. No longer do those who have read George R.R. Martin’s novels have an advantage, as the HBO series has finally caught up with and passed the books, meaning that no one quite knows what to expect when the show returns next year.

Jon Snow is obviously a pretty huge mystery as of right now (though some spoilers in regards to his fate did surface over the weekend), and it’s also been rumoured that the identity of his mother will finally be addressed in season six.

We’ve also heard that 13-year-old English actor Sebastian Croft may have been cast as a young version of Ned Stark, but could Sean Bean be reprising his role on the show, too? If he does, it will have to be via a flashback or dream sequence, as his death in the first season of the hit series was pretty much as definitive as it gets on Game of Thrones.


The video interview above with the actor, which was shot at the premiere of The Martian has started doing the rounds today and it’s causing quite the stir. While Bean doesn’t give a definitive answer either way, his reaction to being quizzed about a possible return in season six of Game of Thrones does seem to be quite telling, and not what you’d expect if he had no idea about heading back to Westeros.

Tell us, do you think we’ll see Sean Bean back as Ned Stark when Game of Thrones returns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!