Here’s How To Survive An Entire Year Without Any New Doctor Who


2019 started with a big treat for Doctor Who fans as New Year’s Day brought us “Resolution,” the show’s annual winter special that featured Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor facing off against a Dalek for the first time. Unfortunately, the year definitely peaked early for Whovians, as there won’t be another episode of the show until 2020 – “very early 2020,” to be exact.

So. what are Who fans to do for the next 12 months of their lives? Well, thankfully, there’s still a lot of other Doctor Who content coming this year to keep us occupied and help keep the spirit of the series alive, even if the TARDIS won’t materialize in this dimension for a while yet.

First of all, the obvious place to start is to just go back to the beginning and rewatch some classic Doctor Who. If that’s tickled your fancy, then you’re in luck. Gaming site Twitch is currently streaming a humongous Who marathon, starting with the adventures of the First Doctor and finishing with the Seventh, the last Doctor of the classic era.

For those looking to dig into the audio medium, Big Finish Productions will continue to drop new releases throughout the year starring many of the most iconic actors of the show, from classic to contemporary. Perhaps the highlight of their January releases, for example, is The Diary of River Song series 5, which pits Alex Kingston’s time traveller against four incarnations of the Master – namely, Michelle Gomez, Geoffrey Beevers, Derek Jacobi and even The Dark Knight‘s Eric Roberts.

If you want more print Doctor Who adventures, this month sees the release of something pretty special. The legendary Tom Baker has written a novel titled Scratchman, based on a script he penned in the 1970s for an ultimately unmade Who movie. And as for comics, Titans Comics has ongoing series dedicated to every Doctor from the Ninth to, yes, the Thirteenth.

It might seem like a tough time to be a Doctor Who fan, but we’re just as spoiled as always and given all this great content, the wait for season 12 shouldn’t be too painful.