When Does Season 3 Of DC’s Doom Patrol Begin Airing?


DC’s Doom Patrol launched in 2019 on the now canned DC Universe service and was met with high praise from audiences and critics alike. 

After the first season, the series was renewed for a second, which aired on DC Universe before being moved to HBO Max in August of 2020. Since this move, all of DC Universes’ original programming has been broadcast exclusively on HBO Max. And fortunately for Doom Patrol fans, there will still be a season three.

Shortly after the conclusion of season two, it was announced that the show would be returning for a third season and upon its move to HBO Max, Doom Patrol has been one of the most popular exclusives to the service.

When will Doom Patrol season 3 air?

According to a report by The Vulcan Reporter, season three has a date and its premiere will take place on September 23, 2021.

Don’t be surprised if this date winds up being shifted closer to release as other DC series has suffered setbacks recently causing their release schedule to be altered. This would be a fairly quick turnaround with the show starting production on January 4 and completed filming on June 5.


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Neither DC nor HBO have come out and confirmed this report, but given the timeline for the show, it’s more than likely that there will be some kind of announcement in the near future.

In its first season, the show premiered on February 15, 2019, and aired 15 episodes. The second season, which began airing on June 25, 2020, only ran for 7 episodes so it isn’t clear how many we will be getting in season three.

Doom Patrol isn’t the only DC property that will be getting a new season in 2021, HBO’s Titans season three was set to premiere in July but has been pushed back until a later date. It’s unlikely that we will see the two shows air simultaneously, but according to the cast of the show, Titans season three will begin airing during August.

Depending on the length of the season, the two shows could air back to back, however, it is more likely we see some timeline changes for the release of Doom Patrol.