Why Hannibal Seasons 2 And 3 Are Missing On Netflix In Some Regions


A few weeks ago, we reported on the news that all three seasons of acclaimed crime drama Hannibal were coming to Netflix on June 5th (today). Well, it looks like there’s been a hiccup with that.

Depending on your region, not every episode is available to stream. In the United States and Canada, for instance, only the first season of Hannibal has currently been uploaded, whereas in the UK and South Korea, all of them have. In Australia, none at all. Much as I’d like to give you a definite answer to the headline question, it’s not entirely clear what the cause of the discrepancies are, be it licensing arrangements or tech issues.

One Twitter user, @Hannigramiscano, has reached out to Netflix support for more information, but they were unable to confirm when the remaining seasons would be made available in North America. Bit of a bummer given that June 5th was the date we were expecting, but fingers crossed it won’t be more than a slight delay.

Meanwhile, What’s On Netflix has also spoke to the company and have been told that “it’s probably a short term licensing deal or a problem with putting the series live that will be rectified shortly.” So again, it might be fixed by the weekend.


For those unfamiliar with it, Hannibal is a TV adaptation of author Thomas Harris’ eponymous serial killer, most famously depicted by Anthony Hopkins in the classic film The Silence of the Lambs. In this series, the character’s played by an actor of equal class, Casino Royale star Mads Mikkelsen. I’m a huge fan of him as when he’s given roles like Lecter, few can out-scare him. Definitely a show to check out when this issue has been fixed.

Looking forward to seeing Hannibal on Netflix? It’s a drag that many are going to have look forward to it longer than had been expected. Still, everyone outside Oz does at least have one season to be going on. That ought to tide us over for the time being, right?