Next Season’s Arrowverse Crossover Is Already Planned Out

Black Lightning Flash

Crisis on Infinite Earths” was, by some way, the most ambitious Arrowverse crossover so far. What with going bigger than ever before, bringing in stars from various other franchises and killing off the Emerald Archer himself, it was talked about as the crossover to end all crossovers. But it seems that description is not to be taken literally. Though we thought it might be the last multi-episode Arrowverse event, it turns out we were wrong, as a new crossover is definitely coming later in 2020.

A fan asked Arrowverse EP Marc Guggenheim on Twitter whether there are any plans, however vague, for future crossovers. The producer went even further than the tweeter was expecting and confirmed that the idea for “next year’s crossover” has actually already been planned out.


Another fan then misinterpreted Guggenheim’s comments to mean that they’ll be skipping this year and crossovers will resume in 2021. The EP clarified that he meant “next SEASON” though, so the 2020/2021 TV year.

On the one hand, it only makes sense that the crossovers are continuing given that “Crisis” ended with a merging of the multiverse that made the characters coming together that much easier. Earth-1 is no more with Earth-Prime the new home dimension of the Arrowverse, and Supergirl and Black Lightning now taking place in the same world as the rest. What’s more, the various leads of the Arrowverse are all part of a very Justice League-like superhero team at last.

On the other hand, though, how do you follow up the storyline of “Crisis”? Presumably, it would have to be smaller-scale to some extent. This is something that Guggenheim has hinted in the past, too. Once “Crisis” had wrapped, he explained that he had a thought that the next crossover should “return to its roots,” but said that he would leave fans guessing as to exactly what that means for now.

Tell us, though, what would you like to see in the next Arrowverse crossover? Fly on over to the comments and share your thoughts.