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‘Secret Invasion’ could earn instant classic status if it takes a foul-mouthed cue from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’

Marvel, it's time. Let it happen.

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Secret Invasion has just dropped, and amid the huge information dump it offered viewers, it set the stage for what may become one of the biggest battles humanity will have to face. By itself, the show’s premise does a great job of establishing an iconic installment in the Marvel universe, but that is one thing that could make it even better.

Shortly after Secret Invasion‘s first episode aired, folks gathered on Reddit to discuss it, and a subject that has been on Marvel enthusiasts lately was promptly brought up. Putting it simply, people want to see Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury curse, and what better opportunity to make that happen than in a show where he’s the main character? But if you think any swear word will do, think again. Redditors know exactly what they want to hear, and they won’t settle for less.

The MCU’s very first F-bomb has already been dropped by Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, so it’s only logical for other characters to be allowed the same treatment. In fact, many (Pratt included) expected that when the day finally came, Jackson would be the one doing the honors, and despite Marvel passing on that, it’s not too late to remedy the situation.

Gone is the time when Marvel movies and TV shows had to maintain a family-friendly image, so let’s take advantage of that. Fans want to see real people on the screen, and in real life, people curse — even the most righteous ones. The fact that we’re seeing heroes battle evil on the screen doesn’t mean they have to be above expressing frustration in unpolite language from time to time.

The first barrier has already been broken, so Marvel, just give the people what they want.

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