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‘Secret Invasion’ set photos reveal the main characters

Marvel's Secret Invasion is currently filming in the U.K. and we now have a good look at our three main characters.

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Photo via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

Upcoming Disney Plus show Secret Invasion has the potential to upend a lot of what we thought we knew about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Adapted from the 2000s comic arc of the same name, it revealed that Earth has been quietly and stealthily invaded by a sect of shape-shifting Skrulls, who’ve secretly replaced some of Marvel’s heroes over many years.

In the comics, Elektra, Hank Pym, Captain Marvel, Mockingbird, and Spider-Woman were all revealed to have secretly been aliens for a long period of time, though obviously the MCU will choose a different set of characters to mix things up.

The shoot is currently underway in the U.K., with scenes being shot in London, Leeds, and Halifax. Along the way, we’ve gotten some glimpses of our heroes, with today’s being a great look at trio Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, and Kingsley Ben-Adir. Check them out:

This is a particularly interesting look for Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury as it’s far from the sleek, black-clad, and stylish secret agent we’ve previously seen in the franchise. Judging by his beard and clothes, he may have gone deep undercover, presumably after having learned that Skrulls have infiltrated the highest levels of human society.

Their long history together means Smulders’ Maria Hill is probably along for the ride, though as of yet we don’t know much about Ben-Adir’s new character.

Kevin Feige will have been planning this storyline for some time, and known well in advance which existing MCU characters are Skrulls. With that in mind, it might be worth examining the last few years of movies and TV and try to spot who’s been acting odd. Fan theories include General Thunderbolt Ross, Hank Pym, and Nakia, so maybe it’d be best to keep a close eye on them in upcoming appearances.

Secret Invasion will premiere on Disney Plus in late 2022.

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