The Secrets Of The Multiverse Revealed In New Clip From Tonight’s Episode Of The Flash


Ahead of tonight’s episode of The Flash, The CW has released a new clip which helps bring viewers up to speed on what exactly Earth-2 and the Multiverse mean. While it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see Grant Gustin’s Flash meet Ezra Miller’s big screen version, the explanation from Martin Stein in the above video makes it clear that they could exist within the same universe, just on different Earths.

This also helps to make sense of the idea of the DC Extended Universe and the reason why all these characters – whether it’s those from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gotham, or Supergirl – don’t all share a world in the same way as the ones who inhabit the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For now, the focus in The Flash is very much on Barry Allen and his Earth-2 counterpart, Jay Garrick. In tonight’s episode, he warns the Scarlet Speedster about Zoom’s plan for him and looks set to take on a similar mentor role to Harrison Wells in the series. What other twists and turns The CW show has in store for us remains to be seen of course!

Time travel was the main selling point of The Flash‘s first season, and alternate realities looks set to take centre stage this year. Given that the show has tackled quite complicated sci-fi subject matter as this, it’s surprising that it attracts such a large amount of viewers, but that’s arguably just a testament to how well told the stories in The Flash are.