Could We See The Legion Of Super-Heroes In Supergirl Season 3?


Although Kara Zor-El herself has understandably remained front and center thus far on Supergirl, the producers haven’t shied away from beefing up the ensemble just as other CW series have done by introducing additional heroes such as the Martian Manhunter, Mon-El, Miss Martian, the Guardian and even Superman himself.

But as memorable as each of their appearances have been, the more eagle-eyed fans out there have been wondering when and if the Legion of Super-Heroes will ever show up. After all, there have been some Easter eggs offered to date, one of which was an unmistakable Legion ring in the Fortress of Solitude. And knowing how Supergirl, Mon-El and Superman (or Superboy, depending on which continuity you’re familiar with) each have a history with that group, one would expect them to show up at some point.

Now, bear with us here, because you may very well agree that the stars are beginning to align a little too well.

As you may remember, Mon-El disappeared into some kind of vortex at the end of season 2 and, according to what executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had to say in TV Guide Magazine’s Comic-Con Special, it sounds like he may be spending some time in the 31st century:

“Where he went and how he returns is one of the central mysteries at the start of the season. The more astute comic book fans may have a semi-good guess as to where he went.”

Hopefully we get something more concrete this Saturday in San Diego, but depending on how far into the season this mystery is set to unravel, it stands to reason that the producers won’t be showing all of their cards just yet. So, until then, we’re going to continue hoping that Brainiac 5 and his pals will be making their way to National City at some point once Supergirl returns from its hiatus.

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