Selina’s In The Oval Office In Veep Season 4 Trailer


If you subscribe to HBO and aren’t a devout follower of the goings-on in the Seven Kingdoms, then there’s another viable option for your viewing pleasure this April. Forget the bloody antics of those who seek stewardship on the Iron Throne and focus on the silly antics of one woman who’s finally found her spot in the Oval Office. One of HBO’s sharpest comedies, Veep, is headed back for its fourth season, with former Vice President Selina Meyer now firmly ensconced in the White House.

As Commander-in-Chief, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is once again on top form as Selina faces the demands of her new position with her trademark brand of cynical, dry observation. The first full trailer for season 4 hones in on Dreyfus’ spot-on comic timing, which is bolstered by the exceptional talents of her supporting cast. This time around, Selina’s inner circle expands to include House star Hugh Laurie, who can be spotted with his perfect American accent in the preview.

Veep returns to HBO on April 12th at 10.30pm.


Former senator Selina Meyer was a rising star in her party, a charismatic leader with White House potential. Then she became Vice President. Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars in Veep, a new HBO comedy series created by Armando Iannucci that follows the whirlwind day-to-day existence of the Vice President as she puts out political fires, juggles a busy public schedule and demanding private life, and defends the president’s interests, even as she tries to improve her dysfunctional relationship with the chief executive.