She-Hulk Image Reveals How Much Tatiana Maslany Looks Like Her MCU Character


Even though she initially denied her involvement at first before being confirmed shortly afterwards, fans were hyped when Tatiana Maslany was announced to be playing Jennifer Walters in Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney Plus series She-Hulk.

The actress gave one of the best small screen performances of the decade in Orphan Black, which required her to play half a dozen main roles and make countless other cameos as various Project LEDA clones, and she gave each one of them a distinct accent, personality, set of characteristics and foibles to establish them as unique and equally engaging.

We haven’t seen any official images from She-Hulk as of yet, but next month’s Disney Plus Day is expected to rectify that. However, a Reddit user has pointed out the striking similarities between Maslany and her comic book counterpart to solidify the casting choice, which you can see below.

We don’t even know any plot details surrounding She-Hulk other than the fact Kevin Feige described it as a half-hour legal comedy, but that’s exciting enough in itself. Throw in gamma-radiated returnees Mark Ruffalo and Tim Roth as Bruce Banner and Emil Blonsky, alongside a whole host of new faces, and the show is poised to add yet another fresh dimension to the long-running franchise.