Mark Ruffalo Reportedly Getting Big Action Scene In She-Hulk


Production has now wrapped on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney Plus series She-Hulk, but we’ve yet to see so much as an official image from the project, never mind any footage. Of course, the show described by Kevin Feige as a half-hour legal comedy isn’t coming to streaming next year, so we’ll just have to be patient.

Then again, this the MCU we’re talking about, a franchise where fans only demand more. The good news is that more is most definitely on the agenda with 31 film and television titles currently in development, but our best guess at when we’ll get our first real look at Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters is Disney Plus Day on November 12.

Until then, everything remains strictly within the realms of rumor and speculation, including a new report that’s done some digging and come to the conclusion that Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner is getting a big action scene opposite Jameela Jamil’s villain Titania.

As per The Direct, Jamil shared a recent photo on social media that showed her with bright orange hair. In the set photos snapped back in June, Ruffalo was spotted next to a stunt performer wearing an orange wig. To paraphrase The Incredibles; Coincidence?!?!? We think not.

Ruffalo was also wearing his motion capture dots in the She-Hulk snaps, so Titania may also be interacting directly with the other guy, and not mild-manner Dr. Banner. It’s far from being confirmed, but hopefully it’s not too long until we find out.