‘She-Hulk’ just settled the hot debate around Captain America’s virginity

Chris Evans Captain America Endgame
Image via Marvel Studios

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the first episode of She-Hulk.

At this stage in the MCU, when it comes to a Marvel show or film, it can be expected that at the very least the storyline will rope in a few other characters not directly involved in the plot or, better, connect to the overarching goal of the current Phase Four. But the recently released premiere episode of She-Hulk does more than that — it solves the decade-long mystery of whether Captain America was still a virgin when he *cough* “died” i.e., went back in time to settle down with the love of his life, Peggy Carter.

Spoilers ahead. 

Given the high standards Steve Rogers strictly abided by and the fact that when it came to romance and/or anything sexual, he was best described as a novice, the prominent belief was that Captain America didn’t have sex until after his faux death.

Obviously, there have been many theories contradicting this particular notion. MCU fans agree that Cap was all about rules and was a committed guy even though he never got a chance to be in a relationship with Peggy — all he got was a kiss before he went MIA for the next few decades. In the current timeline, he was too busy fighting off the human and supernatural villains to court any of the many ladies dying to be with him. The lone romantic encounter he had before the whole Thanos fiasco was with Sharon, Peggy’s niece. 

But despite the mounting evidence, many believed that the first avenger lost his virginity a long time ago. It has been theorized that he most probably bumped uglies with one of the many ladies who were enamored with his good looks during the USO tour in 1943. Until today, this theory never received the official stamp of approval from the studio. But thankfully, the first episode of She-Hulk has finally made it canon — Steve Rogers ditched his status as a virgin long before he joined the Avengers.

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During the episode, the debate around Captain America’s virginity is a favorite topic of discussion between Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters, where the latter is sure that the superhero was a virgin. Though an unexpected accident with a Sakaaran spaceship cuts the conversation short, it is fortunately picked up once again during the post-credits scene. 

In the scene, a seemingly drunk Walters laments that Steve Rogers, who did so much for everyone, “never got to experience sex” and utters a sentence that will probably be added in golden ink to the pages of MCU’s history. 

“And did you see that ass? Like that ass did not deserve to die a virgin. It’s like so sad.”

Thinking that his cousin is drunk, Bruce confesses that his old friend “lost his virginity to a girl in 1943 on the USO tour.”

Walters proceeds to excitedly thump the air, exclaiming “Captain America fu….” Needless to say, as ardent fans of the Star-Spangled man, we are glad that the ever-sacrificing Steve Rogers did more than sign autographs and be a singing-dancing mascot during the 1940s. Even though he clearly lacked expertise in this particular field — something that was smugly pointed out by Natasha in Captain America: The Winter Soldier — at least he wasn’t a 39-year-old virgin when he went back in time.

This is not the only mystery around the man with the shield that is waiting to be discovered. Seeing that Bruce keeps talking about Steve in the present tense while the consensus is that he died during the war with Thanos, it is only a matter of time before his clever cousin picks on this inconsistency and makes the not-so-Smart Hulk blurt yet another secret about Captain America. 

Unlike the past Marvel shows of Phase Four, She-Hulk will have nine episodes, airing weekly, on Disney Plus.