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‘She-Hulk’ villain reveals the next MCU character on the romantic wish-list

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Marvel actor Jon Bass doesn’t think his character Todd is done causing trouble for everyone around him, and has set his eyes on another recent addition to the MCU he intends on seducing.

The She-Hulk actor talked to ComicBook about his plans for his character’s future in the MCU, including the next person on his dating wish-list. Even if it didn’t work great for him with Jennifer in the past, Bass thinks Todd should start “dating Titania for social clout.” Now that would be an explosive pairing.

Todd ended up in jail in the finale of the Disney Plus legal comedy for a variety of crimes linked to the protagonist, including the creation of online hate forum Intelligencia through the inventive alias of HulkKing. For Bass, however, there is no way he’ll be behind bars for long. “You know, Todd’s a billionaire. He’s got plenty of money. Billionaires don’t stay in jail for that long,” he said.

During the last episode of She-Hulk, it was revealed that it had been Todd who was trying to steal Jennifer’s blood all along. Bass believes this might be a worthwhile endeavor for one of Marvel’s most annoying characters. “Let’s just get a bunch of superhero blood. Like, um, he can make a little cocktail … and just sort of inject that in, and see what happens,” the actor plotted. That is, if he can’t win her over.

There are currently no news on the future of the show as it has yet to be renewed for a second season. The first season is available to stream now on Disney Plus.

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