Sherlock Showrunner Promises It’ll Return At Some Point


At this point, we’ve heard so many conflicting reports on the subject of whether Sherlock will return or not that it’s hard to know what to believe. Since the BBC’s hit detective drama came to a kind of end after four seasons last January, fans have been desperate for news on when it might grace their screens again. And while there’s still no word on that just yet, the latest update comes from showrunner Steven Moffat – and it’s a positive one!

While speaking on BBC Radio 2, host Graham Norton casually mentioned that Sherlock had ended, to which Moffat quickly replied: “No, it’s not, it’ll come back at some point.” He then went on to explain why he’s so confident that the series will return eventually, even if he’s keen to work on other projects for now.

“We all love our show. And we’d love to come back and do a future show some day. We’re not doing it right now. I have done nothing but Doctor Who and Sherlock for around 10 years, so I’ve got to be allowed to do something else… Benedict is very keen to play it again. At some point, it’ll come back.”


It has to be said, Moffat seems more positive about Sherlock’s future than its stars. Benedict Cumberbatch has stated he’ll “never say never” about doing more of the show, though he did admit that he’s not thinking about it right now. Dr. Watson himself, Martin Freeman, on the other hand, went even further and revealed that he believes it might be time for Sherlock to call it a day, after all.

Moffat’s co-showrunner Mark Gatiss has also touched on the subject of when we could expect Sherlock to return, if ever. The writer and Mycroft Holmes actor stated that he and Moffat will be busy with their new series, a revamp of Dracula, for at least the next couple of years.

So, with that in mind, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for some sort of Sherlock reunion in 2020, then.

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