Showtime May Take A Stab At Dexter Spin-Off


Though Dexter will wrap up its eighth and final season this September, Showtime is understandably reluctant to watch one of its most successful original series come to a close, so news of a potential spin-off is hardly shocking.

Dexter showrunner and executive producer Scott Buck has signed a two-year overall contract with Showtime, the channel’s President of Entertainment David Nevins revealed today. In response to questions about the possibility of continuing the world of Dexter in some form after the show concludes, Nevins referred to the deal made with Buck and cryptically said, “Draw your own conclusions,”  launching conjecture that Dexter‘s finale may not mean a permanent end to the show’s universe.

“We are really not dealing with it at all until we are through with this season and maybe a while thereafter,” Nevins later clarified.

He also added:

“There are always things that can be done. We have a deal with Scott and we are going to talk to a bunch of different things with him. I don’t know anything. There is nothing real. There’s no sense of whether it will happen, if it will happen, but I want to stay in business with Scott.”

Earlier today, Nevins referred to Dexter as “the most lucrative and valuable franchise we have ever had,” so it makes sense that he’d want to leave the door open for a return to the show sometime in the future.

Dexter has steadily built its audience throughout its eight-season run, a record for premium TV channels. The eighth season premiered to 2.5 million viewers, the show’s largest ever, suggesting that though the show’s writers may be done with Dexter, people aren’t tired of the character just yet.

Dexter centers on Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a blood splatter pattern analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department who methodically stalks and kills murderers who have slipped through the cracks of the legal system. His struggle to control his ‘Dark Passenger’ and keep his double life secret from those around him.

As a long-time fan of the series, I can attest to the fact that the quality of Dexter has noticeably decreased in recent seasons, but I’m still watching in hopes that the writers can send the show out on a strong note. The performances are as strong as ever this season, particularly from Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, who portrays Dexter’s tormented police lieutenant sister, Debra.

News that a spin-off could be brewing makes me wonder which character from Dexter could make the jump to the new show. My pick would certainly be troubled detective Joey Quinn, played by Desmond Harrington, who has capably served as both a dramatic and comedic character in the show’s ensemble through the years, but I could see a Harry Morgan spin-off taking off as well.

What do you think? Have you been watching Dexter this season, and are you a fan of where it’s going? Should Dexter stay buried after this season, or are the characters good enough to warrant a second series? And if so, which Dexter cast member could serve as a main character in a spin-off? Let us know in the comments section.