Silicon Valley Season 3 Gets Its First Teaser Trailer


An all-new teaser trailer for the third season of HBO’s tech-centric comedy Silicon Valley has been released today. The thirty-second trailer focuses on Richard’s (Thomas Middleditch) attempt to re-claim his rightful place as CEO of Pied Piper.

Following the events of last season, Richard found himself ousted from his own data-compression start-up, and must now find a way back in before the entire thing moves on without him. Creator Mike Judge stated in an interview following the season two finale that such an isolated focus on Richard for the third year was the intended plan, although only briefly touched upon last year.

Alec and I have had, like, one 45-second discussion about season three — about whether or not it’s over for someone when they’re fired as CEO. There’s different ways that plays out, but we were just like, “Let’s deal with that when we start up again.” (Laughs.)

Silicon Valley is slated to return to HBO on April 24, alongside the new seasons of Game of Thrones and Veep.

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