Silver St. Cloud Charms Bruce Wayne In New Clip From Next Week’s Gotham


With Jerome’s Gotham arc now wrapped up (fans were shocked to discover that he’s not actually The Joker in this past Monday’s episode), next week’s instalment of the hit Fox series looks set to shake things up in a major way with the introduction of new characters who look set to have quite an impact on season two.

Among them are Michael Chiklis’ Captain Barnes and Silver St. Cloud, a character from the comic books who is being played by Natalie Alyn Lind (The Goldbergs).

In the source material, Silver is a love interest of Bruce Wayne’s and eventually figures out that he and Batman are one and the same. She’s eventually murdered by one of his enemies, but the two characters will be meeting a fair bit sooner in Gotham.

It also sounds like this version won’t be quite as good natured as her comic book counterpart. That’s because Fox describes her as having “a heart beating with dark intent,” and the fact that Silver is the niece of the villainous Theo Galavan obviously also points to her being trouble.

What her role in Gotham ends up being obviously remains to be seen, but the young Bruce having a love interest who isn’t Selina Kyle could add an interesting new wrinkle to the series, don’t you think?

You can get a first look at Silver in the new Gotham clip above and the promo for the episode can be found by clicking here.