Smallville’s Superman Confirmed To Have Survived Crisis On Infinite Earths


Crisis on Infinite Earths” concluded Tuesday night, and DC fans are still digesting everything that happened in the crossover event’s final two episodes. By the end, the heroes had managed to reboot the multiverse, with a thrilling montage checking in on a few other DC TV shows to find their universes were still present and correct. Brandon Routh’s Superman also got one last cameo. Someone conspicuous by their absence, though, was Tom Welling’s Clark Kent.

Welling, alongside Eric Durance’s Lois Lane, had reprised his Smallville role in the second episode of “Crisis,” but without a post-reboot scene clarifying his Earth survived, fans have been worrying if they’re still out there. Thankfully, Arrowverse EP Marc Guggenheim confirmed to TV Line that Earth-167’s Clark and Lois are “absolutely” alive and well.

“I absolutely can confirm that they’re still alive, they’re still living their happy ending. Clark is getting the hero’s ending he deserves.”

The ending Guggenheim is referring to above was explained in “Part 2.” When Earth-38’s Clark, Lois and Earth-1’s Iris West went traveling to find the version of Superman who was the Paragon of Truth, they encountered Welling’s Supes. It was revealed that he’d permanently given up his powers at some earlier point to live a happy, ordinary life on the Kent farm with his wife and their two daughters.

In the same interview, Guggenheim touched on plans for fellow Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum. The Lex Luthor actor made clear on social media prior to the crossover that he had turned down the opportunity to cameo and Guggenheim described his decision as “a bummer,” teasing that Rosenbaum’s Lex would have shared a scene with Jon Cryer’s Earth-38 version if he’d accepted. Smallville fans can at least rest easy though knowing that Welling’s Clark Kent is still out there in the multiverse.

Source: TV Line