Will Smith Developing Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Spinoff


Are you a 90’s kid? Are you also looking forward to seeing an over-the-hill Will Smith go gun to gun with his younger self? Then here’s some news that just might break you. One of his current projects is a spinoff of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Can I get a Carlton Dance?

While I doubt Alfonso Ribeiro is going to show up in Gemini Man and distract the Smith look-alike assassin with his smooth moves, it does look like Will Smith is gettin’ nostalgic up in here. That’s also what THR’s Tatiana Siegel thinks, according a recent article she wrote about the actor that mentions his plans to produce a spinoff. Between the recent Aladdin remake, his younger self starring in Gemini Man, and the new Fresh Prince series, he’s really been turning up the bubbles in the old hot tub time machine.


Back in July, he and his wife Jada launched Westbrook, a cross-platform holding company which will produce the spinoff and allows the stars to “fully immerse themselves in all areas of the media and entertainment space.” Basically, we’re going to be seeing the Smith name a whole lot more in movies and television. The entire superstar family, including kids Jaden and Willow, is going beyond entertainment as well, as their eco-friendly Just Water brand aims to save the planet; it’s spring water packaged in a mostly paper carton and a cap made from sugarcane.

Circling back to this spinoff, though, and while it’s hard to imagine anyone but the multi-talented former Prince taking the lead in any type of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air project, knowing that Smith is behind it means we might be in for some pretty kick ass nostalgia. In fact, back in 2015, we wrote about the actor’s desire to reboot the series and four years later, it looks like he’s finally going to get his wish.

Source: THR