Take A Sneak Peek At The Final Eight Episodes Of The Walking Dead Season 5


Spoilers will follow….

AMC’s The Walking Dead came to its annual mid-season hiatus last week. The conclusion of the first-half finale, “Coda,” has already sparked a ton of online petitions rallying against Beth’s tragic death – but who are they kidding, right? This is a show that makes no bones about its central conceit. It’s in the title, folks. With the prospect of having to wait to see how Rick and co. are surviving practically unbearable, thankfully the network has dropped a season 5 featurette online to fill us in.

In this behind-the-scenes preview chat with the cast and crew, many of the stars expand on the inner states of their characters. Actress Lauren Cohen talks of the emotional consequences of Beth’s loss unsurprisingly hitting her sister Maggie the hardest, which sends the poor lass into a world of darkness. Meanwhile, Michael Cudlitz (Abraham), Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Chad Coleman (Tyreese) all throw in their two cents on this shift into tougher times.

Out of all the talking heads that appear, the juiciest bit of gossip extends far past the character’s mental landscapes, and addresses something far bigger. According to this season’s showrunner, Scott Gimple, there could be a brand new location in the gang’s future, that is likely to shake things up for the show.

There’s still two months to go until AMC unleashes the final stream of episodes, and so we can expect more tidbits to hit the web before we catch up with Rick and his band of harried warriors. What do you say, though, do you think we’ll be in for the best season finale yet?

The Walking Dead will return on February 8, 2015 for the remaining 8 episodes.