The Snow Family Reunites In New Flash Season 5 Photos


It looks like Caitlin’s about to face some serious family drama when The Flash season 5 continues next week. Episode 19, titled “Snow Pack,” will see the STAR Labs doctor have to face her father’s evil other personality as well as patch things up with her estranged mother. Problems with the parents are snow joke for Caitlin.

The below batch of promo images tease the episode, including the return of guest star Susan Walters as Dr. Carla Tannhauser. The actress first appeared as Caitlin’s mom in an episode of season 3 before playing a small role in season 5’s fifth episode, “The Death of Vibe.” The pics show us that mother and daughter might thaw their icy relationship, but also that Carla will get caught in some big trouble. The snap of the Flash carrying an unconscious Carla away certainly doesn’t bode well.

Not featured in the pics above is Kyle Secor as Caitlin’s father, Dr. Thomas Snow AKA Icicle. He made his debut on the show in episode 5×6 “The Icicle Cometh,” which saw Caitlin discover her father was still alive for the first time. Icicle escaped the hour with his evil other half still at large and it seems he’ll return to cause havoc for his family in “Snow Pack.” At least, that’s what the synopsis below promises.

ICICLE RETURNS — When Icicle (guest star Kyle Secor) returns to enact the next phase of his devious plan, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and her mother, Dr. Carla Tannhauser (guest star Susan Walters), must resolve their long-combative relationship to defeat the icy monster. After Barry (Grant Gustin) makes a big decision about their family without consulting her, Iris (Candice Patton) decides to take matters into her own hands.”

This sounds like it’ll be a big episode for star Danielle Panabaker in front of the camera, just as this week’s outing was an important one for her behind it. The actress made her directorial debut with last night’s “Godspeed,” an installment that’s gone down crazy well with fans thanks to the debut of a speedster villain we desperately want to see more of.

Be sure to catch The Flash season 5 as it continues Tuesdays on The CW.