The Flash Fans Are Going Crazy For Godspeed’s Debut Last Night

The Flash Season 4

The Flash returned last night after a month off and, as if to say sorry for being away, The CW show gave fans a huge treat: the debut of popular comic book villain Godspeed. Since he was introduced into the DC universe in 2016, the speedster foe has repeatedly been touted as a perfect character for the series to adapt and they finally did so in season 5’s eighteenth episode, suitably titled “Godspeed.”

Flash fans had a range of reactions to the outing, too, which was mostly about the origins of Barry and Iris’ daughter Nora West-Allen, but pretty much everyone loved the villain of the week and won’t be happy if this is all we see of him on our screens.

For one, the fantastic character design of Godspeed was enough to coax some fans back who hadn’t watched the show in a while.

But as awesome as he looked, the overriding feeling is that it would be a huge waste if August Heart was never seen again on the series after this.

Also, a shout-out should go to Danielle Panabaker, who stepped behind the camera for her first directorial effort this episode and helped realize the epic villain that fans just can’t get enough of.

Godspeed has made such an immediate impact on viewers that it only makes sense for him to come back next season as Team Flash’s latest big bad, right?

Other than the huge potential in his character, we just need more Godspeed so we can see that amazing costume again.

Seriously, CW, everyone really, really, really wants more Godspeed.

Season 5, as a whole, has been a mixed bag in terms of fan reaction, so it’s good that one aspect of it’s received such widespread support. Is Godspeed the best thing to happen all year, though? Some certainly think so.

Seeing as we’ve still got Cicada to deal with, we likely won’t see Godspeed again this season, but hopefully the episode was a tease for a bigger appearance in season 6 of The Flash. Especially as they went to the effort of getting B.D. Wong on board to voice the villain.