Sons Of Anarchy Review: “Toad’s Wild Ride” (Season 5, Episode 7)

Well, isn’t that a coincidence? Watching “Toad’s Wild Ride,” that same question kept popping up in my head. It all felt too convenient, too perfect, and I could see Sutter scheming just as much as I could Clay.

To start with, in this week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, Frankie just happens to skip out on Clay’s latest assignment to take out Unser. It would have made sense if it was Greg the Peg had stayed out of things, since it was the other two who were itching to take out Unser in the first place, but Frankie not being a part of the attempted attack on his life strikes me as odd.

The only explanation I could arrive at is Sutter wants him still in play so he can milk the situation for even more drama and that, with him dead, it complicates outing Clay as the man behind the attacks and thus he has one last purpose to serve. In either case, he’s bound to bite it before the season’s up. Everyone knows that. He’s essentially already been marked for death.

Next, the Blacks come after Jax and Chibs right on schedule, showing up mere moments after Clay just implicated them and Pope in the home invasions. Prior to their little drive-by, Jax was certain of Clay’s guilt, but now he’s been given reason to pause. As I said, right on schedule. The motivation, I’m sure, goes beyond “because the story necessitated it,” but the explanation best be good. You can only move to take Clay conveniently out of Jax’s sights so many times before it becomes tiresome.

Lastly, in the moment I balked at the most, Gemma becomes instantly drowsy and drifts off the road with Jax’s kids in tow, possibly killing Abel in the process. Looks like things were becoming a little too harmonious between her, Jax, and Tara and the status quo needed returning to. It also seems Jax and Tara are simply not allowed time away to themselves, not without dire consequences.

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