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Sons Of Anarchy Season 4-05 ‘Brick’ Recap

As we delve into the past, Sons Of Anarchy may have had its most explosive episode yet. We are edging closer to the halfway point in the season and everyone is quickly realising that there are changes coming to SAMCRO.

As we delve into the past, Sons Of Anarchy may have had its most explosive episode yet. We are edging closer to the halfway point in the season and everyone is quickly realising that there are changes coming to SAMCRO.

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The episode kicks off with Gemma paying Otto a visit in prison. Otto confronts Gemma about Bobby sleeping with Otto’s dead wife and asks Gemma to make sure that the club finds Luann’s killer.

Speaking of the club, as they returns from their first drug run, SAMCRO are forced to hold onto the drugs for another 24 hours, while the Mayans set up shop.

Juice once again meets with Sheriff Roosevelt who lets him know that if the club found out he was half African-America, he would “no longer be welcome” at SAMCRO. Jax soon arrives home presenting Tara with a nice gift, two large bundles of cash, as a souvenir from the trip.

During a club meeting, Clay lets everyone know that the club must find Luanne’s killer, and they will start by looking at her arch nemesis in the porn industry, Georgie Caruso. Clay then gives the boys their cut from the first drug run. Once the majority of the club departs, Piney sits down with Clay.

He lets him know that he has read JT’s letters, and he insinuates that it was Clay who killed JT. Piney tells Clay that he has one week to get the club out of the drug running business or he shows the club the letters. We then find Jax letting Bobby know that Otto is aware that Bobby was sleeping with his wife right before her death, and that Otto just wants Luann’s killing bought too justice.

But it’s what comes next that is the most explosive piece of information in Sons Of Anarchy history. Clay walks into the office with Gemma and lets her know Piney is threatening to tell the club about JT’s letters. Gemma assures Clay that Piney is just “fishing” and he only wants the club out of the drugs.

Then comes the bombshell, Clay confesses. “I had John Teller killed while I was bedding his wife,” he says, confirming what everyone thought all along.  Clay killed JT and Gemma knew and let it happen. Gemma then tells Clay that they have to find the letters, and fast.

Clay tracks down Unser, giving him his new bike and asking him for a favour. He needs help finding the letters and when Unser asks about the content of them, Clay simply tells him that they are “crippling”.

As Clay leaves Unser, Gemma arrives. She stresses to Unser the importance of her getting those letters and before Clay does, leaving Unser between a rock and a hard place.

Elsewhere, Jax and the boys go and speak to the porn producer Dondo and request a meeting with Georgie. We find out that Dondo was good friends with Luann, and would be more than happy to try and catch her killer.

Unser then breaks into Tara’s office only to find the copied letters. He replaces them with blanks pages, takes them and leaves.

Link Potter, are new most hated character, gets Sheriff Roosevelt to make a deal with Juice that will have him steal a small sample, just a few grams of the cocaine the Sons are hiding for the cartel, to test his loyalty to the police.

When Clay arrives back at Unser’s he finds the letters already half on fire. Luckily, he quickly puts them out, managing to save the majority of them. Unser becomes furious with Clay and confesses that Clay had him cover up JT’s death as an accident.

Clay then burns the rest of the letters and when Unser asks what Clay will do, Clay tells Unser that he will protect the both of them. Gemma arrives soon after and Unser gives her the burnt copies of the letters, telling her that it was too painful for her to read, so he burnt them. Gemma believes him without question.

Juice meets up with Roosevelt who informs him that he will need to steal some of the cocaine as a sign of good faith. Juice is far from fond of the idea and leaves without giving Roosevelt an answer.

The club makes the decision to keep Georgie alive for now, as he has powerful friends that the club could use to their advantage. They request that Bobby tell Otto about the club’s deal with Georgie.

That night, Juice makes a stop at the gun warehouse were the drugs are being hidden. He breaks open the trucking container and takes out one of the 30 bricks of cocaine. Before he has time to take a small sample, he is interrupted by one of the boys who is on watch.

Juice hides the brick in his pants and leaves before he can put it back in the trucking container. He goes back up to his bike in the bushland above the warehouse and as he sits down to plan his next move, he accidentally falls asleep.

The next morning Gemma shows Clay the burnt copies of the letters and tells him she burnt them. Little does Gemma know, they were the copies and it was Clay, not Unser who burnt them.

Meanwhile, Juice wakes up and freaks out. He stashes the cocaine in the bushland and goes down to the warehouse to help the boys unload the cocaine to give to the Mayans. As they unload it though, the club realizes that there is one brick missing.

This week’s episode may be the best episode yet, it was absolutely explosive and really impressed me. There were so many fantastic moments and I really think that this will be season four’s most memorable hour.

With seven episodes to go left, no one knows where the club and the show could end up in the next few weeks. Secrets are sure to come out and lives will probably be lost, but when the dust settles, who will survive?