Sons Of Anarchy Season 4-03 ‘Dorylus’ Recap

The lines are drawn. Sides have been taken. But who will be the first to draw blood in SAMCRO? Three episodes into the new season of Sons Of Anarchy and the club is quickly becoming divided.

The episode opens with happy families. While Jax and Clay struggle to put numbers together to pass their drug running deal for the club, Tara and Gemma look after the children. We see an interesting conversation between Clay and Tara, where Clay assures Tara that he loved JT. Tara is quickly becoming privy to Clay and Gemma’s fishing for information on how much Tara knows about John Teller’s death, and love letter to his mistress.

At Happy’s Grandmother’s house, Kozik and Miles load a truck with the cartels guns, for a run the next day. Kozik is enticed by some street kids who challenge him to a game of basketball for cash, before they jump him and make of with the truck with the cartels guns. Meanwhile, Clay takes Bobby with him to see their American Indian friends who distribute their ammunition, to try and get his vote to pass the drug deal. This once again leaves Tig feeling on the out with Clay.

After hearing the news that the truck got boosted, Jax rallies Opie and Tig to go with him to find the truck. Bobby makes it known to Clay that he understands why he is trying to capitalize on the drug deal, to make a nice retirement package for himself. Clay then offers Bobby the leadership of the club once he walks away, letting him know that Jax wants out of SAMCRO. This is interesting as Clay gave Jax his word that he would support Opie for the presidency of the club once he walks. It makes us wonder, who is Clay is playing?

At the hospital, Gemma sneaks around Tara’s office before getting busted by her boss. Though she tries to brush her off, her boss doesn’t believe Gemma is looking for a book. Meanwhile, Unser, who is meant to be on watch for Gemma, is distracted seeing a disgruntled Sheriff Roosevelt and his wife walking out of the fertility specialist office.

The boys try to find their guns by going to Vivica, an African American version of Gemma, who runs the streets near Happy’s grandmother’s house. Though they turn up nothing, with the women saying she doesn’t deal guns, they quickly find the boys who stole the truck, and after a small road chase, they have them in possession.

Clay makes an uneasy peace with the ammunition suppliers, convincing them with his word that he isn’t making any more money off their ammunition with the new Cartel gun deal.

We then find Juice and Chib getting frisked, and Juice getting put in the back of a police cruiser. Back at the station, Roosevelt informs Juice, that his long lost father is African American, and that Juice should be worried what would happen to him if the club ever found out. Roosevelt lets Juice know that if the club did find out, he would be “de-patched” and exiled.

Meanwhile, Tara’s boss Margret lets her know Gemma was snooping around. When she asks Tara if she is still planning to move, Tara lets her know that she will move soon, but that she wants Jax and her whole family with her. Margret cautions Tara, telling her that ‘soon’ can turn into ‘forever’.

The boys soon receive their guns back, with next to no hassle, finding out that it wasn’t Vivica who bought the guns, but her sons.

Elsewhere, Tara makes copies of JT letters which she later hides in storage, before receiving a visit from Gemma, who confronts Tara about the letters. Though Tara denies knowing anything about the letters, Gemma confesses that when John was away, it was hard on her, and with Jax’ brother dying, she fell in love with Clay and JT broke her heart.

In an attempt to save the club from dealing drugs, Gemma confronts Clay in a fit of anger, telling him this isn’t how ‘we’ do business. Clay then grabs Gemma by the neck, telling her that she doesn’t tell him what ‘we’ do.

Right before the vote on the drugs, Opie lets Jax know that he has his support, because once Clay exits, he and Jax will be running the club and they can get it back to where it should be.

In the meeting, we see where loyalties lies after the 6-5 vote passes the drug deal with the Mexicans.

Clay, Jax, Opie, Kozik, Tig and Miles are all for the cartel deal, voting yes. Clay and Jax want it for personal reasons, Opie is following Jax, while Kozik, Tig and Miles are following Jax and Clay’s bidding.

Meanwhile, Bobby, Piney, Chibs, Juice and Happy all believe the cartel is a bad idea and the wrong direction for SAMCRO.

After the vote, Clay warns Piney that if he ever goes behind his back again, and speaks to Gemma about club business, he will kill him.

The lines have now been drawn and the club is separated. Where the club will go now is unknown, but their is a major rift in SAMCRO that is growing larger and larger. Jax is tip toeing that moral line of whether the ends justifies the means, and the club and his family may get caught up on either side of that. How this deal will effect SAMCRO and its members is yet to be seen, but with the FBI in town, this new heat can’t be good for SAMCRO, or Jax and his family.