Sons Of Anarchy’s Next Episode Comes At A Cost

Last season on Sons of Anarchy, multiple characters whose deaths seemed inevitable, found themselves on the receiving end of a miraculous reprieve. It left fans wondering if creator Kurt Sutter had it in him to off any of his dearly beloved. Wonder no further, though, because according to Ace Showbiz, next week’s episode will bring with it the death of  “a very important person in the SAMCRO family.”

Who might that be, you ask? On that, Entertainment Weekly has us covered, presenting a total of five possibilities, all of which would make sense in the grand scheme of things.

There’s Unser, whose cancer has gone unmentioned for so long that it’s only a matter of time before it rears its ugly head in a big way; Juice, who’s attempted to off himself once already; Tig, a potentially self-destructive loose cannon in light of his daughter’s death; Tara, the Ophelia of this modern-day Hamlet; Opie, arguably the emotional core of the show and, thus, the most potentially impactful option; and lastly Clay, whose death is simply a question of when and how.

If you were to bet, which of those five would you guess it’d be? So long as it’s not Opie, any one of them is fine by me. Like I said, they all make a certain amount of sense and would go a long way in getting the show back on track towards the greatness it reached, if only briefly, back in season two.

Make sure to tune in to Sons of Anarchy next Tuesday, September 25th, on FX to see if your prediction comes true. If not for that, then for the fireworks that the episode looks to bring, with “Jax getting involved in a fight with a fellow inmate” and a “desperate situation” which “tests familial and club bonds.”